FREE Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest for all ages! Prizes awarded in each age group. Enjoy music, games and more!

Pre-registration is required @

Each participant will be given one pack of chalk and assigned a chalk-block work space. Competition space is limited. We recommend that participants bring a towel, hat, sunscreen, water and a snack. Participants are also welcome to bring extra chalk, chalk pastels and blending tools if they wish. Absolutely NO paint of any variety will be allowed. If participants would like to have a helper, they may, but they are limited to one extra person in their same age group. for a maximum total of two people working on one block. (Please note that two-person teams will be treated as one entry, so any prize awarded must be shared.) Prizes will be awarded in the categories of “Best Use Of Color”, “Most Interesting Characters”, and “Most Creative Theme.”

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